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In the spring of 2004 I founded together with Alina Dumitrescu – La Morocha, the first Argentinean tango club in Romania, named El Tango. Our wish and plan were to convince the people about the beauty of tango and to bring the Bucharest into the worldwide tango community. We narrated and instructed about tango, organized tango events, encouraged the bands for to play tango music, invited professional tango dancers and teachers for to sustain tango workshops.
From the summer of 2006, our ways have split. La Morocha has other plans with tango and I try to continue, at a smaller level, the initial plans.
We have mentioned below the principal events that influenced us to bring the tango in our life forever.

Bucharest, 2001

We discovered the Argentine tango with Gigi and Adina Raducan and we took private classes and later regular classes when they start to teach other people. Thanks to them we entered into tango worlds.

Buenos Aires, 2004
Three years after the first lessons of Argentine Tango, we travelled to Buenos Aires for one month. Our professor and friend
Alfredo Garcia is the one who helped us discover the secrets of tango. Almost every day, during group classes, individual lessons or milongas, he led our steps, minds and hearts, making us embrace living in a tango rhythm from that moment on.

We visited as many tango schools and clubs as possible in Buenos Aires, and met many tango instructors, dancers and milongueros. We took classes with:
Susana Miller & Maria Plazaola, Ana Maria Schapira, Eduardo Saucedo & Marisa Quiroga, Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa, Chicho Frumboli & Eugenia Parrilla, Fabian Salas & Carolina del Rivero, Eduardo Cappussi & Mariana Flores, Facundo & Kely Posadas, Sergio Natario & Alejandra Arrue, Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes, Roberto Herrera & Natacha Poberaj and others.

Bucharest, 2005
Our missing of Buenos Aires we filled by the visit in Romania for one month of our maestro
Alfredo Garcia.

Buenos Aires, 2006
We stayed six weeks, for the second one in Buenos Aires, for to dance and study in respect of improving our technique of dance and teaching tango.
Another direction of high interest was the study the tango choreography because we plat to stage a tango show.
The tango maestros that have inspired us this year are: Alfredo Garcia - our mentor, Gabriel Glagovsky, Chicho Frumboli, Tete & Silvia, Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa, Pablo Villarraza & Dana Frígoli, Claudia Códega & Esteban Moreno, Caudio Gonzalez & Melina Brufman, Gloria & Eduardo Arquimbau.
The great discover for this year was that the tango is in continuum and visible evolution, how we seen between two years when we visited Buenos Aires. The tango is in continuum movement, is alive, expression of his great history and tumultuous present.

We did not list the maestros that we meet as trophies but because we are extremely happy and grateful for the opportunity and pleasure of meeting them. We would like thank them again by passing on to you the love and passion with which they embraced us and encouraged us to dance. They are our role-models and they helped us to find our way. Now the time has come for us to give to all of you, tango lovers, our love for this dance.

Vamos a bailar!

El tango es la musica, la poesia, el passion.